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Team Armering has, after many years in the industry, received several partners - both principals and goods negotiation.


Through hard work and high professional expertise, Helge Klyve has developed the organization, which has gradually grown in both size and turnover. Today, they are about 50 employees, all with a genuine interest in the subject - and with a common desire that customers and we as clients should be satisfied.

We at Team Armering have long worked in collaboration and on Skanska's projects. Skanska's vision is to build for a better society.


Skanska stands for large buildings across the country and we are proud to tie iron in their workplaces.


Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest contractors and property developers.

Veidekke is one of Scandinavia's largest contractors and property developers. The company performs all types of construction and construction projects, develops residential projects, maintains roads and produces asphalt, crushed stone and gravel. Involvement and local knowledge characterize the business.


We are extremely proud to have been a regular partner and completed years of projects for Veidekke.


HIRE Norway AS is a staffing agency that has provided qualified labor to the private and public sector since 2007. We offer skilled and unskilled personnel for shorter and longer assignments.

Hire attaches importance to nurturing close contact with both customers and employees so that they can deliver tailor-made staffing solutions according to the customer's preferences. Using hard work and trust, Hire has become a first choice often and is a really great staffing agency.


As an HSE advisor, I am the customer's advisor within laws and regulations, matters in relation to HSE, the Labor Inspectorate, personnel cases, dismissals, working hours and the like.

SG Hansel managed by Stian Garstad is one of our most quality retailers. The equipment they supply has high quality, with always good and friendly negotiations, and quick and pleasant deliveries.

Odd-Stene Møller

Håkonsgate 90C

N-3258 Larvik

+47 90659479

Here, assignments are also carried out as SHA coordinator and HSE coordinator on projects. Møller has been faithful for several years and we are happy to have them as partners.


Betonmast is one of Norway's largest construction contractors with a strong focus on buildings with high sustainability.

We are very proud to have betonmast as a client in so many different places in Norway. Betonmast has a strong focus on the environment, diversity, sustainability and HSE. Something that we also value here at Team Armering.

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