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In February 2021, the building started, which will secure 128 housing units on a total of 18,000m2. Reinforcement was laid as a large bottom surface then in several floors as well as stairs and columns.

Skjermbilde 2022-06-22 kl. 11.30.09.png


Team Armering has added reinforcement for the road surface on Brekkeby Garden. 3 multi-storey apartment buildings and a total of 50 homes.

Skjermbilde 2022-06-22 kl. 11.30.09.png

klosterøya vest

Team Armering has laid reinforcement for Betonmast on Klosterøya. In recent years, several buildings have come up with several hundred tonnes of reinforcement as well as balconies and stairs. 


The project's contractor is Veidekke, with whom we in Team Armering have excellent cooperation. Around 300 tonnes of reinforcement consisting of a large base plate is laid here, followed by three residential blocks with floors with roofs and walls.

Boverian Falkum

Bovieran by BoMer is a completely new housing offer for a population group that is constantly growing: People over fifty who want a home that is both nice, social, exciting and easy to care for. Here, the residents will live in a bright, modern apartment surrounded by two very different climates. On the outside you get a small piece of Norway with a climate that fluctuates with the Nordic seasons - on the inside you get a winter garden with a climate taken from the Mediterranean. All year round.

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Skien langbrygge

Skien Langbrygge is a project managed by Grenland Havn IKS which means that the wharf will be extended, so that there will be room for two cars in width. The purpose of the work is to renew the quay structure so that it meets today's standards and to ensure that the quay stands firmly for many years to come. The area in question is a stretch of around 100 meters that stretches from Tollboden to Lekter'n. Around 100 tonnes of reinforcement consisting of girders and top cover is laid here. High water levels for large parts of 2023 have made the work extra challenging and demanding, but the work is expected to be finished in autumn 2023.