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Health, Enviromental& Safety

We taking HMS seriously!

Team armering AS, in consultation with the Labor Inspection & HMS Coordinator, has developed an HMS plan, which describes how we operate our internal control system. We do for example, mapping & risk assessment, of manual work and having a separate RUH system, as well. deviation detection. We also have the required KS forms for the jobs we perform.



Team Reinforcement, also ensures that all employees have the required certificates for the jobs they perform at any time.

2017-9 Kartlegging av manuelt arbeid Team Armering AS_Side_1.png


Team Armering AS is engaged in iron binding tasks related to the construction of new buildings. The employees work mostly outdoors and have relatively physically heavy work. In order to safeguard the tasks of the employees so that this is properly cleansed of health. Have they organized work sensibly and put into use aids that relieve many of the work tasks.



Good measures in this way are that ordered rebar is mostly cut, bent and adapted in advance. Bundles of rebar are lifted with a crane as close as possible to where it is to be used. There are many manual lifts, but the employees are conscious not to carry more than justifiable. Otherwise, they use hand tools that facilitate and rationalize the work considerably. The employees are aware that they must take health considerations, as the work is physically demanding.


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